Fine Gael V Tories Overview:

Fine Gael are phenomenally unlikeable, they are only holding onto power for one more election cycle at best. Meanwhile the country waits until it is decent to vote for the back-slapping, kidney punching, ruddy faced mafia;Fianna Fail, again.
Note: Due there being no discernible difference between Labour and Fine Gael at the moment I have made none.

The Tories control all the press, have the BBC on the run and have convinced most of Britain there is no hope. The party is predominantly made up by those thick people who only prosper because their parents are loaded. Majority went to Oxbridge and are all cheating on their wives and husbands, I fucking well bet ye.

How they match up: Taoiseach V Prime Minister

Minister for Finance Vs Chancellor of Excheqeur

Minister for wrecking/defunding the Health services so that the investment class can have at.


Destroying Social protection

No Justice

Lunatic Fringe:


Not surprisingly the winners and reigning champions The Tories!!!

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