These are the Top 5 foods to help us know who to trust and not.

  1. Scones
    • Never trust anyone who eats a scone, and triple that for anyone who eats two, so says the old saying.
    • Baking Fact: The white flour sucks the goodness out of people, leaving only evil.
    • In tests scones have been proven to be the primary reason people turn more right wing as they get older.
  2. Liver
    • No explanation necessary. Look at it!
    • Favourite food of people who enjoyed their childhood poverty.
  3. Andouillette
    • Digestive tract as a sausage, yeah!
    • Ordered by secretly unhappy French people who talk about déclinisme a lot.
    • The reason mustard was invented.
  4. Well Done Steak
    • Ordered by evil people who prefer the texture of leather to meat.
    • CIA handbook indicator of a double agent.
    • Pro tip: Great way to know if someone is boring.
  5. Cupcakes
    • They are not even remotely nice.
    • Taste similar to cloth.
    • Children can make them.
    • Responsible for Pinterest and low productivity.

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