Top 5 Worst Subjects

1. Economics
a. It’s rich people’s religion. The end that justifies the wealth gap.
b. Hindsightism at its finest
c. It’s all based around the “rational person”, nope me neither.
d. Supply and Demand?
2. Geography
a. Exhibit A – the World map, like, it’s wrong.
b. Strike 2. Pretends to be an easy subject in school but actually it’s poxy difficult (only messing it’s a complete joke).
c. Not enough emphasis on capital cities, or what rivers run through capitals. Exams should be table quizzes.
d. Urban planning?
3. Physics
a. Too smart for its own good, would want to watch itself.
b. No one in our school could understand it, never mind teach it. Until the other day I thought it was to do with figuring out when you got there.
c. Greediest science by miles. Favourite phrase “Everything is Physics”. Other sciences hate it.
d. Velocity?
4. HR – Human Resources
a. The internet itself cannot store all the bull in HR because it lays claim to the sum total of human endeavour.
b. The only subject ever that asks you to write about itself in exams using the third person. ‘Write about the arrival of HR?’ ‘Why is HR good?’ ‘Who is HR?’. It’s gagging for compliments.
c. Is code for firing middle class people – see downsizing, delayering, unspooling, decluttering.
d. The only jobs HR has ever created are in the HR department.
e. Self-fulfilling prophecy – HR must exist because of HR.
5. Marketing
a. Once you say the word marketing everything you say or think for hours afterwards is covered in the shit.
b. Kills everything it touches, especially our brains. Listen to them withering.
c. It’s even hard to insult it. Like, ehhh, if the Nazis and Khmer Rouge ran a prison that prison would not be as bad as marketing. Marketing shrugs, finishes it’s pint.
d. It’s annoyingness is rivalled only by its boringness and by its making up wordingness.

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