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Not everything I write is for this site. Here are some links to things I have written for other sites and blogs.

Book Review “Americans Bombing Paris” Peace & Love my Friend

A unique review of Americans Bombing Paris, complete with images and quotes.

Two War Books Redux

I wrote this review of The Kindly Ones and Matterhorn. Two war books often cited in best of lists. One American and much lauded in America. The other written by an American in French. The French loved it, the Americans didn’t, too gruesome, or something.

Riding & Writing Interview with Thomas Bartlett

My first ever interview. Way back when. Also a cool eclectic site merging Gina’s two loves. Horses and writing(obviously).

One Man’s Paris Story

A trip down a Parisian memory lane. I enjoyed this opportunity to write about what it was like to move to Paris back in 2003.


An in-depth interview on a fantastic site.


A brisk interview and a great blog.

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