Fine Gael V The Tories

Fine Gael V Tories Overview: Fine Gael are phenomenally unlikeable, they are only holding onto power for one more election cycle at best. Meanwhile the country waits until it is decent to vote for the back-slapping, kidney punching, ruddy faced mafia;Fianna Fail,...

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France v Italy A Six Nations Preview

France v Italy How do you think France v Italy will pan out? I believe that the French will take Italy to pieces in the last ten minutes of this game. Look out for the Italian Scrum-half Edouardo Gori, he’s a real handful who reminds me of a young Augustin Pichot for...

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Scotland V England: Some Thoughts

Underdogs? Eddie Please. When he has not been justifying the selection of a vicious, dangerous, out-of-form thug as captain, Eddie Jones has spent the past week grinning widely while speaking very slowly and not very candidly. They don’t call him Yoda for nothing....

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Scotland V England Six Nations Preview

As ever this game will be decided up front.

Since the arrival of WP Nell, Scotland have had the scrummaging platform required to allow the Gray brothers to run rampant in the loose.

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Views of the Midlands from a Train.

Some wildly inaccurate and generally smug musings about the Midlands from a train. In the Midlands much of the man-made features seem abandoned; half finished, or half started, depends on whether you feel like being charitable. It looks mostly flat. Hillocks, eddies,...

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Americans Bombing Paris Chapter 1

Americans Bombing Paris Chapter 1 Paris Saturday November 9 2002 I stood on the balcony as the first planes came screeching and screaming in. Flying lower than they needed, to get a better look. The view must have been amazing. Plunging low, then high, undulating at...

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Restaurant Life

The last day I ever worked in a restaurant I was nearly burnt alive, and even more nearly took someone with me. It was definitely time to get out.
And I have.
But I still think about restaurants, like an ex I never fell in love with but I stayed with for a good part of my adult life.

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Modern Life 3 – Everything is Amazing!

Modern Life 3 – Everything is Amazing!

No it isn’t. Neither is everything terrible.

Warning: Hectoring and contradictory (like modern life).

The human propensity to believe they are all something unique, living in an age of unprecedented x, y, z remains as strong as ever.

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Modern Life 1: What the Hell do we Want?

Happiness? Ha!

The familiar knot in the spine, knitted by the shoulder blades, pulled taught everyday by our missed calls and rampant thoughts. Nothing notifications and the relentless liking of everything wearying us and whinnying away at our purpose and soul. The constant conversation telling ourselves that our thoughts are not real, merely little chemical synapses yawning and stretching.

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First Teaser Trailer Americans Bombing Paris

First Teaser Trailer Americans Bombing Paris I hope you enjoy it. Please like and share if you do enjoy it. Thank you. Americans Bombing Paris is a classic romantic thriller skewered with humour and geopolitics. An intoxicating mix of food, lust, Paris and mis-guided...

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Irish Months Ranked Jul – Dec

By this stage we know that it was all for nothing. There is a tremendous amount of throwing our hands up in the air in despair in July. There is a feeling throughout of wanting to leave the country, and regret you haven’t. The beginning of the downward slope. Still July is pretty magical though and just failed to sneak into the top three at the end due to some common or garden bias.

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Irish Months Ranked Jan – Jun

In fairness, let’s face it, one of the top 3 worst months. It is forty days long and no one has any money except “those” who save money. The best thing to consider doing is; quitting drink. This has its ups: better sleep, less January, more endorphins, downs: not seeing anyone, never going anywhere, living in a cave and hermit hair.

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From Everywhere But Here

A girl from Kerry once asked me,
“How can you stand it?”

I hadn’t a notion what she was talking about, as I thought we had only just met.


She looked at me as one does a fool and said,

“Not being from somewhere, one place like. I couldn’t do it.”

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#ABP 1 Month On

It’s just over a month since I first self published Americans Bombing Paris. I thought I would share some things I have learnt and that I have had to unlearn.

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My Reading Life 6: Rubbish books that are Great

The Godfather by Mario Puzo

The Godfather is most often invoked by smart asses when talking to other smart asses.

Smartass #1, “The book is always better than the movie.”

Smartass #2, “Not the Godfather.”

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How to Work From Home: Stay Guilty

So obviously the week starts on Monday then it’s Thursday, which is of course practically Sunday, and I’m back sitting there doing nothing Sunday evening wondering why I never get anything done, all the while promising myself that starting tomorrow, Monday, I am going to be a different person, with lists and ticks, goals and graphs. But that doesn’t happen does it? How could it? I can not not be me, can I? Can you?

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My Reading Life 5: Great Books that are Rubbish

Peter O’ Toole acting his camels off.

The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T E Lawrence (the man himself)

This beautiful book is on this list because quite a lot of it is about the care and maintenance of camels.

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Me Versus the Six Foot Rat

Sunk in the sofa, squirrelling away my life, the street had gone quiet. But then this was South Dublin, it was traffic or nothing really. I listened for the familiar sounds of people driving around and around enjoying their lives, nothing. It was circa the discovery of sun dried tomatoes, peak breakfast roll, garages all emporia to delicious grease, chicken and stuffing was the code word of the day, everyday.

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